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Meet Our Team

Millie Holbrook

Executive Director


As LeGrand Center Director I place customer service as our #1 objective.  I continuously remind my staff that we strive to exceed the expectations of our clients. This opportunity begins once the initial contact is made, continues through the booking and planning process and of course during the event until it is completed.


 It is my responsibility to make sure this happens with each customer.  We like to have satisfied customers that come back again.

Linley Crocker Humphries

Planning Manager


When asked "If you had to pick one feature of the building that encompasses your view of LeGrand Center what would it be?" Linley replied "The powerful glass walls of the Atrium have a preeminent presence.  When you are standing in that room, the grandness of the building encompasses you."

Carver Hopper

Operations Manager


As Operation Manager it is my responsibility to ensure everything you contracted for is ready for your event. We are available to meet with the client to determine lighting, audio and video needs. Once the space is set up, clients are given time to decorate their space and for operations to address any issues regarding lighting, audio and video.

Additionally, I am mandated with the set up and operations of all bar service on site. Due to strict ABC laws it is important that all laws are followed regarding alcohol service.

Molly McKinney Stone

Sales Manager


While I spend the majority of my time making sure LeGrand Center is at the forefront of customer’s minds, I’m often the voice on the other end of the phone when you call LeGrand Center for the first time. I love working with clients via social media, marketing campaigns or just directing their call.  Be it advertising or transferring, saying it with a SMILE is what I do!

Jana Jenks Bradley

Administrative Assistant


Brad Hord

Assistant Operations Manager


Brandon Sisk

Assistant Operations Manager